After quite a long time, tech devices make mainstream occasion endowments. Be that as it may, in case you’re purchasing for the PC geek who has everything, what would you be able to get them? Clearly a mainstream thing like an iPhone, iPad, or iAnything else won’t do. You have to discover something exceptional, yet at the same time something helpful or fun.

Here is a choice of incredible PC tech presents for 2010. We’ve amassed a rundown of magnificent and interesting blessings from solid sources like PC World, GeekyGadgets, and Wired. With this rundown, there is certain to be something for everybody.

Apple TV

Stream iTunes, Netflix and YouTube with this device. Synchronize this device with your iPad or iPhone. For just $99, it has numerous capacities, and 8 GB space.

Incredible for: Movie darlings.

Ignite Wi-Fi

For book sweethearts, having the comfort of having the capacity to download books and read them anyplace is the blessing that continues giving. The value continues descending, and may even fall under $100 around Christmas time.

Extraordinary for: Bookworms; individuals who jump at the chance to peruse whenever, anyplace.

Star Wars MP3 Alarm Clocks

A special present for the Star Wars fan, it is a wake up timer, light, and you can play your MP3 player through it.

Incredible for: Star Wars fans; young people.

Samsung Epic 4G Android Phone

Know somebody who needs to refresh their telephone? This Android is an amazing decision, with 4G remote availability, GPS, thus numerous more elements it will knock their socks off.

Awesome for: Anyone who isn’t content with their cell phone.

Fisher-Price iXL

Up until now, it appears this might be the most sizzling toy of 2010. It’s a convenient media player and stimulation framework designed for the more youthful group.

Incredible for: The children.


Do a ton of shopping on the web? It is safe to say that you are burnt out on entering your Mastercard data each time? Spare time with SmartSwipe, a gadget that attaches to your PC. Simply swipe your card, and your information is encoded and sent to the retailer for a sheltered and simple exchange.

Extraordinary for: People who shop a great deal on the web; individuals who are anxious about making Mastercard exchanges on the web.

AAAXA M2 Micro Projector

Do you utilize projectors for work, and tired of dragging one around? This little projector fits in the palm of your hand. It additionally can be utilized as a media player, and is the most capable projector in its class.

Awesome for: Anyone who utilizes a projector – instructors, specialists, and individuals who make a great deal of introductions.

Particle Twin Video Camcorder

Have a trying film chief in your family? Need something somewhat not the same as your normal camcorder? This computerized recorder highlights two focal points, to catch film from two edges.

Awesome for: Someone who voyages a considerable measure and likes to record their ventures; a trying movie producer; somebody imaginative.

Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow

Is there a superior blessing a decent night’s rest? This pad includes an implicit speaker, so you can hear some out unwinding tunes on your MP3 player through the pad.

Awesome for: Someone who needs music or background noise nod off; a music sweetheart.

WorkFit-S from ErgoTron

This ergonomically outlined PC work area enables you to mastermind your screens, console, and more in ways impractical with customary work areas. While this is an all the more top of the line blessing at $899, it is definitely justified even despite the cost for somebody who invests a considerable measure of energy in the PC (like a Cleveland PC tech), and endures back and neck torment, or different distresses.

Extraordinary for: A PC repair tech; somebody who telecommutes.

iPad-controlled AcuTouch 9500 Massage Chair

On the off chance that you truly need to ruin somebody for Christmas, this cutting edge knead seat will do the trap. Lay back and unwind while controlling the back rub settings with your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. So why is it not called the iChair?

Extraordinary for: Someone with back issues; somebody you’re willing to spend a great deal of cash on.

Groves and Wilkins P5 Headphones

These are earphones for individuals who don’t care for earphones. They are agreeable and not excessively cumbersome, impeccable to use amid your exercise, sitting tight for the transport or while taking a shot at your portable workstation.

Awesome for: People who don’t care for earphones, however require them; any individual who tunes in to a considerable measure of music.

Jaclo Aquavolo MP3 and Chromatherapy Showerhead

A great many people would not hop for euphoria after getting a shower set out toward Christmas. Be that as it may, this is not your normal showerhead. It can play tunes from your MP3 player, has shaded lights, and has diverse settings for water weight. It’s not shoddy, but rather it makes showering fun!

Extraordinary for: Anyone who is exhausted with the normal shower understanding.

Tricky Uses for Everyday Things by Cy Tymony

While this blessing isn’t electronic, it’s a fun and captivating book geeks will love. It’s brimming with a wide range of thoughts for ventures you can do around the house, similar to how to create battery control utilizing family unit things.

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